She's a FanSea Girl
She's a FanSea Girl
She's a FanSea Girl
She's a FanSea Girl
She's a FanSea Girl

She's a FanSea Girl

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A mermaid wearing a feather headdress? Yes, Please!

This adjustable neck scarf is designed to fit little bodies with ease & grace.

A "little glint of gold" makes our scarves extra special. The gold star in the back slides, allowing you to adjust the fit. No need for ties or snaps! Just place the scarf over your dog's head and move the gold star to secure in place.

All we need is the measurement of your dog's neck in inches, as each scarf is custom made.

When you add this scarf to your cart, a box will appear that reads "Order Note". In this space you can type the neck measurement. If you forget, we will reach out via email.

Please keep in mind that these scarves are adjustable, so there's really no need to stress out when taking a measurement. If you still need help, send us an email and we will reach out to connect with you.

  • Fabric is 100% cotton.
  • Velvet ribbon, synthetic material. 
  • Thread, Nylon.
  • Handcrafted in Southwest Florida.


  • Hand wash. Use cool water. Use delicate fabric wash meant for lingerie/bathing suits.
  • After rinsing, use a hand towel to absorb excess water. 
  • Hang or lay the scarf flat to dry. 


  • Don't use a washing machine.  
  • Don’t rub the fabric excessively or wring it. It may lose it’s shape.
  • Don't soak. The metal grommets could rust.
  • Don't iron the edges of the "V" in the scarf. The scarf has a rolled edge made of a special thread called Wooly Nylon. The thread on the "V" of the scarf will melt if it is ironedWe keep the iron about 1/4" away from the edge at all times. 
  • Some people use a piece of fabric and place it on top of a garment when ironing. This handy trick usually keeps garments safe from burning. But back to the special Wooly Nylon thread mentioned above…it’s so sensitive to heat that not even this method is foolproof.

So why do we use a Nylon thread that’s so sensitive to heat in the first place?

It’s all about the finish . The rolled edge on the “V” of the scarf can only be achieved using Wooly Nylon. It’s run through a special type of sewing machine called a serger. It has the ability to expand and bind fabric into a beautiful rolled edge. If it were not for this special thread, we could not achieve the thin, flexible nature of our scarves. They would otherwise be constructed with a traditional sewing machine and feel bulky and “sewn” with interior seams. In our opinion, scarves should be light and have a flexible feel to them. We hope you agree that the flexibility of our scarves sets them apart from others.

We always suggest removing any Divine Little Dog accessories when you are not physically present to supervise your pet.

We take the safety of your pet (or human child) very seriously. We have done all we can to make these items durable for regular use. However, the ultimate safe use of any product is up to you as a guardian.

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