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She IS the gift. And she wears a red bow to prove it. A genuine Swarovski crystal in a cushion cut, mounted on double faced velvet!

The weight of this velvet bow is most suitable for experienced bow wearers.

Each bow is made to order- so you can choose which type of backing is best for your beloved canine, or human child. 

Snap Clip: the benefit of the snap clip is that it's lighter in weight, and easier to place in the hair. This is ideal for puppies and dogs who are new to wearing bows. The downside is that dogs can pull them out easier. (Our muse, Lula,  prefers this backing.)

French Barrette: the benefit of a French Barrette is that it's the most secure way to place a bow. But, it's heavier to wear. The French Barrette backing is the most common requested backing among our customers with experienced bow wearers. The clasp we use is stamped "Made in France". We find this is the highest quality compared to similar clasps made in other countries. 

Product Specifications:

  • Approximate size is 2 inches wide by 1 inch high
  • Velvet ribbon, double face
  • Handcrafted in Southwest Florida

We always suggest removing any Divine Little Dog accessories when you are not physically present to supervise your pet.

We take the safety of your pet (or human child) very seriously. We have done all we can to make these items durable for regular use. However, the ultimate safe use of any product is up to you as a guardian.

By purchasing any of our products you agree to indemnify Divine Little Dog from any legal action in any jurisdiction related to the use of any Divine Little Dog product.

Upon completing a purchase in our online store, customers are asked to check a box confirming they agree to these terms and conditions.


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